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Life Update
these days
I am 33.
I work at Cartoon Network.
I have a husband.
I have a dog.
I am happy.
Instagram @OhMaiDarling


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42. I don't discuss my job, suffice to say I'm a computer geek and they pay me for it. I have a wife and a mouse (just one of each). I'm mostly happy. On Instagram @the.real.maxomai

Edited at 2015-10-25 05:47 am (UTC)

42. I don't discuss my job. I have a wife and a mouse (just one of each). I'm mostly happy. On Instagram @the.real.maxomai

31. Married. No kids, just cats. Stuck in Kansas for the time being. Back working retail as it is infinitely less stressful than and pays basically the same as the "real job" I used to have. Happier than I have been in a while.

Recently accepted a Program Analyst position and moving to D.C.
2-year old (well-mannered)
Normally happy, but currently falling into another cycle of depression (probably the cause of visiting LJ a second time this year).
New-ish to Instagram @maneki.ja

No formal job beyond being a stay-at-home mom - currently looking to rejoin the "real" world, but the real worlds being douchey.
Livin' in sin for 11 years with the same guy.
1 6-year-old daughter.
2 8-month-old dogs.
I'm content currently.

Cartoon Network sounds pretty awesome. What do you do there? Also, congrats on getting married! And the dog. It's been a while, but I don't believe you had either of those things last time?

Hi! I work as a designer for their social media dept. It's pretty fun. Glad to hear you're doing well, having 2 dogs makes anything better.

I have no idea how or why I'm following your lj. This is so bizarre. But glad to hear you're well.

27, single lady and just cruising through life in Boston.

Nice! LJ is like this weird alt universe right now where I check back every 6 months. Glad to still have people straggling around like me.

ad agency
2 dogs, 1 cat
@sensiblecardigan - never post but avid lurker/commenter

You forgot founder of one of the best tumblrs evar. I want to steal your idea and do it with Lord of the Rings.

oh, and curious - are you doing any cool/fucked up halloween costumes this year?

Working hard, well paid.
Never married.
Dog died 2011.
I'm OK.

Good job.

Sorry to hear about your dog :( hope you were able to give your love to another one.

I'm using the old thumbs-up icon!

I'm 36. I've been driving the same car, doing the same job, living in the same apartment, and wearing the same clothes since 2003.

And it really didn't seem so bad until I just typed it out...

Hi! Hope you are well!

Re: I'm using the old thumbs-up icon!

Yo!!! I've been trying to look you up on social son! So glad you found this post. And change is dumb anyway. Are you still making awesome videos? If you're on FB lets be pals again!


I am 35.
I am a property developer & full time dad.
We got married in 2008 & then again 2010 (no divorce or breakup in between).
We have 3 dogs.
I am happy despite my predisposition for manic self-destruction.
I only use instagram to gawk at tattoos on the asses of suicide girls.

You mean the same SG chicks from the 90s that are now 40? Sweet. Glad to hear from ya mate. Congrats on getting married and I am jealous of your three dogs. I want all the animals.

I work at a tiny little tech startup in Oregon.
No wife, no girlfriend, but I have two cats.
Reasonably happy.
LJ has gotten to be a weird, weird wasteland of forgotten dreams.

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