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The Xanga Rabbit Hole...it goes deeper
these days

Some psycho stole dozens of my posts. You can read about it HERE.

I went back to Xcite-me's Xanga page again, and discovered that "she" has stolen a shitload more of my writing. I will have to make a separate post to document all those. One in particular really caught my eye as well as chapped my ass. 

HERE is mine.

HERE is the one she posted. Screencap below.

Clearly she is trying to make it sound like it's her own goddamn purse. But ladies and gents, that is not the interesting part, oh no. Before this, I had only read the stolen posts and recognized them as my own writing. I did not really read much of the comments that responded to those posts. I decided to scroll to see the comments to this one. Here is the peculiar thing, for some odd reason, HER readers are responding the exact same way that people on Livejournal had responded to mine. I don't mean they said sort of the same thing. No, their responses are word for word the same, in the exact chronological order that they were written.

Comments on mine.

Comments on her blog

So...she not only copied my words, she has made up an entire network of personalities to respond to posts that she stole.  Here is another example: HERS. MINE. Some of the comments are identical.

At this point I'm not even sure I'm mad. Whoever the fuck this is, they're completely out of their gourd. Bitch is craaaaahaazyyyy. That, or I have the biggest troll/stalker ever. 

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She copied the *comments*.

She copied the comments.

She copied the comments.

She fucking copied the fucking comments.


Re: She copied the *comments*.

At this point it could be some weird bot, however, that user have replied to comments when they were called out for plagiarism. So I duno.

Hahaha wow. This is amazing almost. I would feel bad for the commenter who wasn't duplicated.

Yeah I know, gotta be wittier next time.

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. I've seen people get ripped off for their work before, but this is like inception type crazy. No thanks!

I refuse to believe it, this has got to be some sort of bot that automatically copies content and recreates comments.

Right guys? Right???

Or, she's got a room in her house dedicated to you, including tons of 8x10 photos of you with the eyes cut out and "X"s over the mouth.

That's what I am thinking too. Bots.

Your own personal Skynet.

Comment below you thinks it could be a bot, or some other weird scam.

But I'd like to think I have a very dedicated stalker.

I bet she had a dog just like yours.

I would think it's more likely that someone is using your journal content/persona in order to populate a blog on that network, either as an ad scam or to make Xanga look more populated. That's the only reason I can think of why the comments would be copied over as well. I would definitely report it to Livejournal as well, since there may be larger issues at stake than your content.

Here is another example where the comments were copied, so I'm assuming they did it for all the posts they've stolen from me.

I don't even know what it could be at this point, need to look it up.

If you check it out here, she posted replies to the post where another Xanga user called her out on her plagiarism, so it couldn't have been a bot right?


Wow, yeah that's a totally different scenario since she/he is actually replying and admitting they were the one doing it. The comment copying makes no sense at all and seems completely mental if she/he was doing it all.

I contacted Xanga, they have not responded. I reported it to LJ but they won't do anything about it because it's not on LJ.

I left a comment via my Twitter handle. It's on the post about "intellectual property" so we'll see if she responds or deletes. Basically I wanted to make fun of her for copying comments because that is the most pathetic part of this whole ordeal.

i'm pretty sure this is bot-created, maybe with a tiny bit of real human to make it seem more credible.

She posted replies to the post where another Xanga user called her out on her plagiarism, so it couldn't have been a bot right?


Did you report her? I'm not even sure what to think about somebody like that out there. How sad.

Hey Mai, I hope you still remember me..... It's Victor from Stamford. Just the other day I found an old x-mass card that you sent me back in 2000. look me up on Face to we can be in contact. Hope to here from you soon.

Victor R.

Wow I don't even know what to say. One day you're going to open the door to your home and she's going to be standing inside with your clothes on and the same haircut going "what do you mean who am I? I'm Mai, who are you?"

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