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The Xanga Rabbit Hole...it goes deeper

Some psycho stole dozens of my posts. You can read about it HERE.

I went back to Xcite-me's Xanga page again, and discovered that "she" has stolen a shitload more of my writing. I will have to make a separate post to document all those. One in particular really caught my eye as well as chapped my ass. 

HERE is mine.

HERE is the one she posted. Screencap below.

Clearly she is trying to make it sound like it's her own goddamn purse. But ladies and gents, that is not the interesting part, oh no. Before this, I had only read the stolen posts and recognized them as my own writing. I did not really read much of the comments that responded to those posts. I decided to scroll to see the comments to this one. Here is the peculiar thing, for some odd reason, HER readers are responding the exact same way that people on Livejournal had responded to mine. I don't mean they said sort of the same thing. No, their responses are word for word the same, in the exact chronological order that they were written.

Comments on mine.

Comments on her blog

So...she not only copied my words, she has made up an entire network of personalities to respond to posts that she stole.  Here is another example: HERS. MINE. Some of the comments are identical.

At this point I'm not even sure I'm mad. Whoever the fuck this is, they're completely out of their gourd. Bitch is craaaaahaazyyyy. That, or I have the biggest troll/stalker ever. 

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