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So, about a week ago I was notified that some chick on Xanga has been stealing my writing and passing it off as her own. My first reaction was, "Wait...who the hell still uses Xanga?" It's like the fucking Myspace of blogs. Anyway, with further investigation, it turns out that the user Xcite-me has stolen not one but a couple of my posts. He/She plainly copied and pasted word for word, without bothering to cite where the material came from. She did not mention anywhere that it was not her own writing, and when she started receiving compliments on how "funny" it was, she accepted those knowing full well she did not write those things. 

This first one she stole is one of my Short Hate Lists, something I've been doing since I started a Livejournal blog in 2002. My original post is HERE. She was reported to Xanga, and I believe either she or they removed the entry. However, you can still see the screencap of her plagiarism below. 

The other entry she stole was a commentary I had written about jealousy in women on Livejournal. In 2006. Holy fuck, talk about digging deep for some material. You can see the original post HERE. And this is her entry that she stole from me. See the screencap of it below.

I've tried to leave comments on her blog, but she has blocked me apparently, because I'm not able to see her page once I log into my Xanga account. Who is this pathetic and crazy to steal people's shit? And who is dumb enough to think that they can get away with it? The internet is big, but there ain't nothing Google can't bring up. My guess is this person is extremely disturbed, and likes to create a personality by stealing the works of others. I'm pretty sure all of the photos on that blog are stolen. She needs professional help, or a swift kick in the vag, and I am more than happy to administer the latter.

Am I mad that this piece of shit stole my stuff? Yes. But not as pissed as I am about having to sign up for Xanga.

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