// i is for internets (girlyunderwear) wrote,
// i is for internets

Short Hate List

  1. Siblings who are creepily close and then wonder why people think they're dating each other. Don't rent The Notebook with your brother, it's fucking weird.

  2. People whose idea of class is having granite counter tops. *Puke*

  3. When people pronounce "drawing" "drawring."

  4. Say it with me women. Leggings. Are. Not. Pants. Put your moose knuckle away for the love of Jehovah.

  5. Whore nails in porn. It legit makes me cringe just thinking about all the bacteria trapped under those things.

  6. The ubiquitous QR tags I'm seeing in advertising. Here's one I made, enjoy.

Tags: short hate list
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