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What's in my purse you ask?
these days

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why the fuck do you need pepper spray when you have a knife?

Pepper spray allows you to keep distance between yourself and the person you might use it on.

A knife (especially one that small) is more suited as just a tool, and an absolute last resort type of weapon because of the proximity in which you have to be to use it.

You should consider replacing the survival tool with a small multitool (Leatherman Juice S2 would be good), and maybe get a better knife (S&W knives are notoriously crappy), and you'll be good to go as far as useful tools to keep on you.

Keep in mind I buy things for looks, not function.

This is the most professional looking pictures I have ever seen for something like this. I feel like I am looking at an Ikea magazine.

Also, as someone that was forced to get pepper sprayed for my job, you don't need anything besides pepper spray. That shit is the nastiest stuff on the face of the planet. I would be less afraid of someone with a gun than I would be of someone with pepperspray.

I know it works on most people, except maybe those crazy ass people on drugs. BTW all I know about pepper spray, I learned from COPS.

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