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bitch ain't the new black
these days
You know, I always tell myself that I would never date someone stupid no matter how hot they are, and I stick to that, and generally look down and make fun of people who do. Stupidity makes me fucking cringe, it's like nails across a chalkboard to me. However, I can totally see why other people (guys) would wanna be with someone dumb, yet hot because a lot of the time they're also NICE. Ok so they don't know who Castro is (I fucking shit you not this 22-year-old girl I know seriously didn't), they're still pleasant to be around, and not to mention they're miles out of your league so you're gonna ride this out. Not trying to hate on bitches, cause bitches are great. Bitches are witty and interesting. But bitches who don't even look good aren't that fun to date.

Proceed to tell me anecdotes about one or the other. Or make up a story about how you dated a hot person, ha.

I've got nothing.

Seriously. I've never met someone who was dumb and wasn't also completely unpleasant to be in the same city with.

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Eh I don't necessarily agree with that. I think women who are EXACTLY aware of how attractive they are the ideal. The vital part is the degree of her humbleness, and that her personality balances her looks.

what if instead of stupid you use the word simple?

i like simple people sometimes because i dont have to win
a debate with them. and words just get in the way
of feelings, emotions and fucking.

Aaah! I love your screenname! Yawning penis... sounds so... creepily fascinating! Like a train wreck full of midget porn stars! :D

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Yeah but girls like that are easy to take advantage of, you'd have to always worry about her cause shed trust anyone.

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100% agreement.

Hot and dumb can be fun for a while, especially if they are hot, dumb, horny, and talented...

But, eventually... you've heard everything they have to say.

Hot, smart, horny, and talented is definitely the way to go. Once beauty fades, you've still got those big brains to turn you on. And if it's tru love, the beauty will never fade - bonus!


Ugh, I've dated the "pretty yet stupid" guys. The first one was not only bad in bed, but a complete bore to be around.
The second one{yes, I did not learn my lesson} was a piece of work. He tried to act intelligent, and introspective when in reality he was insecure and terrified of getting close to anyone. He would go into these diatribes on the nature of love and relationships that made no sense whatsoever. And the shitty poetry, dear god don't get me started on that. But damn, he was gorgeous, and pretty good in bed. I was only able to stand him for three months.

I guess that makes me pretty shallow, then again, I was 19 at the time. I'll chuck it up to being "young and stupid".

I was eavesdropping on a conversation this couple behind me was having in lecture (the prof hadn't shown up yet) and here are some of the things the girl said:

-a record? like those big round things from the 1800s?
-what does "ominous" mean?
-leonard cohen ... I know a james cohen
-I don't really read (more like "I don't know HOW to read")

and she wasn't even that hot. I mean, she was hotter than the guy but geez, he totally could have found a smarter mildly attractive girl to date.

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i once dated this attractive chinese girl. mostly because she was asian, because i'd never seen an asian my entire life of 19. so she was my first (asian) gf. it was fun...at first. she also turned out to be the biggest bitch i'd ever met...just downright nasty to everyone. i shit you not, her response to me when we broke up was: "What...YOU'RE...breaking up...WITH ME? NOBODY's ever broken up with me, you're outta ur fucking mind!"

"Yeah," I replied "I must be outta my fucking mind. GOOD BYE!"

haha i bet she only dates white dudes now

i grew out of that phase in high school. but back then i dated some pretty moronic (although absolutely gorgeous) guys. in part, i missed prom due to that.

I dumped a girl in high school because she didn't know who the Wu Tang Clan was.

Also, You were in a dream I had last night for about 2 seconds. You emailed about 50 people saying you were having a going away party/birthday party and everyone had to bring one viet dish they homemade. I showed up for a little bit (brought goi coun) and some weird guy bought you a rock as a present and cried that you were leaving (i lol'd at him). Then my girlfriend and I went to the beach. All of a sudden some guy started hitting on her and I told him he smelled like trash. Then him and i had a contest to see who's hands smelled worse complete with gameshow host and studio audience.


i dumped a girl because she asked me how old jimi hendrix is.

I have dated both a "Hot & Dumb" and a "Bitch & Hot." I would have to say the dumb one was a far better experience, because aside from the normal "girls are weird and a little crazy" stuff that you face with most females, she was nice. The other one was evil, pretending to be nice, and she was very smart, which made her even more manipulative and evil. So between those two, I'd have to go with the hot dumb one.

Of course, with either option, the looks will fade with time and you're left with a dummy or a demon, so luckily I married a girl who, when her looks fade, will still be funny and smart and decidedly non-evil.

There are guys who like to be treated like shit, of course. But for the rest of us, who like to be treated like humans beings, there is absolutely nothing appealing about a bitch.

What is this "when her looks fade" bullshit? Ohhh my lookssssss, they is faaadinggggggg

I dated a stupid, relatively ugly fellow once. We'd been friends for a few years already. He'd dated my best friend who broke his heart, and somewhere between helping him keep it together and discovering what a terribly romantic creature he was, I fell for him. It only lasted about 5 months. While he was always kinda dim in the head, he grew beautiful in my eyes as my affections developed.

Looking back tho, I'm still not sure how it worked, because he's the antithesis of everything I look for in a partner. **shrug** I was young and impressionable, I suppose.

it snowed here last night. i hate winnipeg.

ugly, dumb, or demented

I read this in a comic once, and thought it was pretty funny and it's apt for this thread:

Hot women are dumb. It's the natural course. If you can get an A- without trying, why go for A+?

Smart women are ugly. Ugly women develop personalities to make up for the fact that they are ugly.

What about the anecdotal account from some bitch you know who claims that one of their girl friends is both hot AND smart?

That girl and any other girl that is both hot and smart is DEMENTED.

They are hot, but still think they are ugly, and thus work to make up for a self-perceived ugly.

So what about dumb, ugly women?

They do exist.

They're just shit outta luck.

So basically when I'm looking for a date, I've got the following choices;

ugly, dumb, or demented.