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The Xanga Rabbit goes deeper

Some psycho stole dozens of my posts. You can read about it HERE.

I went back to Xcite-me's Xanga page again, and discovered that "she" has stolen a shitload more of my writing. I will have to make a separate post to document all those. One in particular really caught my eye as well as chapped my ass. 

HERE is mine.

HERE is the one she posted. Screencap below.

Clearly she is trying to make it sound like it's her own goddamn purse. But ladies and gents, that is not the interesting part, oh no. Before this, I had only read the stolen posts and recognized them as my own writing. I did not really read much of the comments that responded to those posts. I decided to scroll to see the comments to this one. Here is the peculiar thing, for some odd reason, HER readers are responding the exact same way that people on Livejournal had responded to mine. I don't mean they said sort of the same thing. No, their responses are word for word the same, in the exact chronological order that they were written.

Comments on mine.

Comments on her blog

So...she not only copied my words, she has made up an entire network of personalities to respond to posts that she stole.  Here is another example: HERS. MINE. Some of the comments are identical.

At this point I'm not even sure I'm mad. Whoever the fuck this is, they're completely out of their gourd. Bitch is craaaaahaazyyyy. That, or I have the biggest troll/stalker ever. 

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crazy bitches are cray

So, about a week ago I was notified that some chick on Xanga has been stealing my writing and passing it off as her own. My first reaction was, "Wait...who the hell still uses Xanga?" It's like the fucking Myspace of blogs. Anyway, with further investigation, it turns out that the user Xcite-me has stolen not one but a couple of my posts. He/She plainly copied and pasted word for word, without bothering to cite where the material came from. She did not mention anywhere that it was not her own writing, and when she started receiving compliments on how "funny" it was, she accepted those knowing full well she did not write those things. 

This first one she stole is one of my Short Hate Lists, something I've been doing since I started a Livejournal blog in 2002. My original post is HERE. She was reported to Xanga, and I believe either she or they removed the entry. However, you can still see the screencap of her plagiarism below. 

The other entry she stole was a commentary I had written about jealousy in women on Livejournal. In 2006. Holy fuck, talk about digging deep for some material. You can see the original post HERE. And this is her entry that she stole from me. See the screencap of it below.

I've tried to leave comments on her blog, but she has blocked me apparently, because I'm not able to see her page once I log into my Xanga account. Who is this pathetic and crazy to steal people's shit? And who is dumb enough to think that they can get away with it? The internet is big, but there ain't nothing Google can't bring up. My guess is this person is extremely disturbed, and likes to create a personality by stealing the works of others. I'm pretty sure all of the photos on that blog are stolen. She needs professional help, or a swift kick in the vag, and I am more than happy to administer the latter.

Am I mad that this piece of shit stole my stuff? Yes. But not as pissed as I am about having to sign up for Xanga.

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Oh good, you're still here. Enjoy this Hate List compilation album

  1. Cryptic status updates. Ok attention whore, you got me. "Sometimes ignorance really is bliss." WHAT DOES IT MEEEEAAAN???

  2. "Anything good in life is either illegal, fattening, or bad." Mmmm no there are plenty of things that are just fine and good for you like...oh I duno fucking taking a walk once in a while.

  3. Doing | This | Does | Not | Make | You | Look | Skinny

  4. Terry Richardson.

  5. Skinny ties on fat dudes.

  6. People who are on social networking sites and then complain about privacy. Let's make this clear. Once you post shit on the internet, it is no longer private. PERIOD.

  7. "Mixologist." I don't care if you can whip up a kick ass martini, you're still a bartender. Mixologist should be reserved for someone who can concoct a pure batch of meth.

  8. Economists. They make meteorologists seem legit.

  9. "Pop of color." How boring are you if you have to remind yourself to not be boring?

  10. Women trying to pose all sexy with stuffed animals. Bye bye boner.

  11. Dubstep. Sounds like brown note.

  12. These atrocious strappy sandals. You know who should be wearing these? Disney Princesses and Eastern European hookers.

  13. People who insist on putting you on speakerphone every time you call.

  14. When men say "we're pregnant." No, you're not.

  15. The people who blame everything on "the media" are the same bunch watching TLC and reading In Touch magazine.

  16. If you want your daughter to not be a bitch, don't name her Courtney.

  17. How do you market edgy young music acts nowadays? Do a shitty cover of Nirvana's Teen Spirit!. Here's another onejust in case the last one didn't make you want to pour bleach in your ears.

  18. People who give made up coupons as presents. Maybe all Dad really wants is a free pass to hit on the waitress at Benihana.

  19. Pregnant women posing nude.It's ten times worse when the dad is there nude too. I don't know who this is intended for, but I'm positive absolutely no one wants to fucking see that.

  20. Job ads looking for a "rock star." Cause this is what you'll actually be getting. If you're the rock star in any office, guarantee you're also the person everyone fucking hates. In fact, let's stop calling anyone a rock star altogether.

  21. When people misspell (on purpose?) "meet" with "meat." And by people I mean men.

  22. When people feel the need to say "happily" before the word "married." Cause you know it's the exact opposite of that.

  23. "Jelly" instead of "jealous."

  24. Man buns

  25. Let's make this clear: Star Wars is no longer the barometer for being a geek. Star Trek on the other hand, still is, cause it's fucking shitty.

  26. The people who want government to not regulate what they eat, are the same people who support government regulating who should be able to marry. No irony there.

  27. The overstated use of the word "epic." 

  28. "Thinspiration." Conversely, motivational macros to justify being fat. Marilyn Monroe was never even close to being full-figured or curvy or whatever you wanna coin overweight these days.

  29. "Alpha Male." If you have to use this term in any capacity, you are not one. Look, women just want a funny sensitive guy who looks like this. Nevermind I think he is gay.

  30. "Thrifted." I don't know why this pisses me off. Actually no I do. It's her way of bragging about some $4 old ass sweater that was at Goodwill...for a reason.

  31. "Mani-pedi." Yes, this is how I imagine all women saying it.
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STFU Florida

Florida governor makes drug testing mandatory for Welfare recipients, conveniently owns clinics that do drug tests. Oh Florida, you truly are America's diseased dick.

One of the more popular services at Solantic, the urgent care chain co-founded by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, is drug testing, according to Solantic CEO Karen Bowling. Shortly before he was inaugurated, Scott's lawyers met with attorneys at the Florida Commission on Ethics. Subsequently, they moved his Solantic holdings into a revocable trust in his wife's name, making her the controlling investor in the privately held company. No public records were created from the ethics meeting.

Scott surprised state employees Tuesday by issuing his executive order for mandatory drug testing of all prospective hires, and random drug testing of current employees, in agencies whose directors he appoints.

In the same announcement, he praised the Florida Legislature for its plans to require all welfare applicants to undergo drug testing as well.

Taken together, the initiatives could affect hundreds of thousands of Floridians, forcing them to submit to drug tests or risk losing their public jobs or benefits.
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Short Hate List

  1. Siblings who are creepily close and then wonder why people think they're dating each other. Don't rent The Notebook with your brother, it's fucking weird.

  2. People whose idea of class is having granite counter tops. *Puke*

  3. When people pronounce "drawing" "drawring."

  4. Say it with me women. Leggings. Are. Not. Pants. Put your moose knuckle away for the love of Jehovah.

  5. Whore nails in porn. It legit makes me cringe just thinking about all the bacteria trapped under those things.

  6. The ubiquitous QR tags I'm seeing in advertising. Here's one I made, enjoy.

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Short Hate List

  1. Maxi dresses. Let's face it ladies, they are just glorified mu-mus.

  2. Fishnet tights. These should be officially Halloween-only.

  3. People who use the word "orgasmic" to describe something that's mediocre at best. You know what...even when its describing something good its still pretty annoying.

  4. "Boudoire" photos. If you've resorted to having your picture taken in tacky lingerie with shitty photoshop filters, your marriage has failed. There's a reason your husband is looking at internet porn. If you're not doing a photo shoot where another chick is involved, he ain't interested.

  5. Marketing people. How can a group of people be paid so much to know so little about what the actual fuck they're talking about?

  6. The word "sexting." Especially when it's coming out of the mouth of these women.

  7. Vegetarians judging food. I appreciate what you're doing, clearly you are a better person than I, but you don't know what real food tastes like. You have no frame of reference here.

  8. When people sign emails with just their first initial. Goal: Professional with a dash of cool. Result: Pretentious with a touch of D-bag.

  9. Guys who refer to women as "females."
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I duno I duno

I can't seem to figure out how I feel about pot. On one hand, I find stoner humor absolutely hilarious. I also think pot should be legalized. On the other, smoking pot for recreation is kind of idiotic. I have smart friends who smoke occasionally, but most people don't have the sufficient brain cells to kill. It can go either way, if I like someone and they smoke it, alright cool whatever. BUT if I don't like someone already and I find out they smoke weed, it makes me hate them more. I know that's not rational or fair but eh.

BTW for people who claim that smoking feeds their "creativity," finding several different ways to bake pot into pastries does not equal creativity. No one wants to buy your shitty sand art either.

Sometimes I actually start to feel like weed is harmless, then I see this douchebags like this and I frown upon it once more. Basically this jackass was featured on Nat Geo's show about weed and they presented a less than favorable view of him and his soul patch/landing strip combo. "Naturally this worried me since I try my hardest to present marijuana in a serious and positive vein," Hayne told Toke of the Town. "So I guess I was manipulated and given false assurances. If only I could sue the bastards." Yeah if only you could take a second away from jerking off to High Times, you could get a case together against fucking National Geographic.